Image Masking


Image Masking

When we are talking about Image or Image Editing, Actually we can’t think of anything else other than Photoshop. Masking one of the important element of Photoshop. Masking is very essential for professional editing and other related services.

Some of time we need a group layers for the mask is applied that time we use clipping mask. Image masking has various type of uses. Background remove for advance uses, soft edges of an image like as human hair and other advance uses we can do apply the image masking technique. We also masking technique use for hard edges beside the soft edge masking is used.

Their own layers and on the pixel mask to create soft transitions for masked images we can use gradient tool. At any time using the gradient tool the best part of gradient mask can be changed. For the apply of different color in the image we can use the clipping mask. The clipping mask create individual layers that’s why we apply various color easily as per need. Clipping path can’t accurate remove the background from the human hair or same as it is. In the situation we used clipping mask method for the background remove very smoothly. This technique is very attractive for the hair masking. Used image masking you can change the background which you want without any unwanted change of the image.

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