Image Manipulation


Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation is a wonderful process of image editing services. Adding a head shot in to a different body or changing the text of a sign, or adding something that is not in the image, or something to be removed from the image which is not necessary etc. this type of image editing service is called image manipulation. Using image manipulation, an image is made more efficiently and is fully formatted. This is very important for commercially used images. You can create an ordinary photo develops to a extra ordinary photo to apply this method. Sometimes need two or more images can be joined together for use to fashion houses, visual media, and online magazines that time essential of image manipulation.

Neck joint is another part of Image Manipulation services. It’s specially done on wear items. Generally there are many views of one image with mannequin shot like front view, back view or inside (partial) view. We are using the inside view of image the neck part is created and makes the complete view like the actual image.

Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) is ready with this service for you. Our experts are ready for you. They are well trained regarding this filed. We use high professional technical support for the best quality service and the client satisfaction. We are dedicated to you that we will provide best quality Image Manipulation services as per your requirements without any hesitation. You can take try us free service before working together. You trust us and wait for the magic!

We are offering you a reasonable price which is start form USD $2.50 though price defends on complexly of image. Also we will provide you special discount for bulk images. We are providing Clipping Path, Background Remove, Image Masking, Shadow Making, Image Retouching and Raster to Vector service beside this service.



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