Raster to Vector


Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector is very easy to way of low resolution image convert to high resolution. Raster Image is created by very small pixel. The Raster Images color value and pixels are fixed. That’s why when you want to be a large size the raster image is explodes. On the other hand the Vector images color value and pixel are not fixed that why if you want to be change any size the vector image are not explodes. For the convert of low resolution image to be high resolution is very easy way of Raster to Vector system. When designing logo or trying to image for printing matters, must need high resolution image and quality work.

Image Restoration is similar filed of this regards. There are many type of damage which need restoration of the images like as Individual parts of the photos, Damaged by water, Color fading, Burn and mold damage etc. We always guarantee that if you will send us damaged images we return you as per your requirements because of we are working here very much carefully. for the reason making the client satisfied with our work.

Many years Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) working here with maintains the super quality. Our Graphic designer already got specialized training regarding Raster to Vector system.

CPK offering you very reasonable price for Raster to Vector services which basic price start from USD $ 2.50 per images. If you want try us free for the judgment.



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