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A trusted image editing service provider. Image Background Removal, Shadow Making, Clipping Path, Image Manipulation most popular to Photographer and Web shop owner.

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Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) provides worldwide image editing support and solution. Our production team able to provide you Clipping Path / Multi Path / Color Path, Image Masking, Shadow Making (Natural Shadow / Drop Shadow / Product Shadow / Reflection Shadow), Image Manipulation / Neck Joint, Image Editing, Raster to Vector and wide range of similar services as an image editing and graphic design outsourcing company. Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) also provides other value added services to customize client’s needs. Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) closely works with catalog / magazine companies, photographers, photo studios, prepress companies, Design houses (Web/Fashion) and others. We are established for your fulfill image editing service with our dedicated expert employees ready to serve you keeping our low cost with best services.


We Are Good at Clipping Path Service and Very Good at What We Do with Other Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) is a world class image editing service provider. We are unique and exceptional and very much expert in Photoshop Clipping Path/Background Knockout services. Clipping path mainly done with adobe Photoshop. For completing the Clipping path we used Photoshop pen tool. Single and multiple clipping path is two way of clipping path services. Clipping Path is a very popular image editing service in the world. CPK provide this service with the best quality and low cost. We have years of experience. Our designers got the special training regarding the Clipping Path services. More>>

Image Masking Services

When we are talking about Image or Image Editing, Actually we can’t think of anything else other than Photoshop. Masking one of the important element of Photoshop. Masking is very essential for professional editing and other related services. Some of time we need a group layers for the mask is applied that time we use clipping mask. Image masking has various type of uses. Background remove for advance uses, soft edges of an image like as human hair and other advance uses we can do apply the image masking technique. We also masking technique use for hard edges beside the soft edge masking is used. More >>

Shadow Making Services

Shadow is one kinds of positive differentia dimension for an image as it makes an image pretty more. When you used the images for publishing need or others that time you want to look natural of image. Sometime Shadow create more natural of images. Shadow making is very important element for the natural look of images. You can use a drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow and product shadow on your item as per your need. Thoroughly professional and natural look is very essential when anyone want to use image for publishing need. IEB expert in this filed. We are specialized for making shadow. More >>

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation is a wonderful process of image editing services. Adding a head shot in to a different body or changing the text of a sign, or adding something that’s not in the image, or something to be removed from the image which is not necessary this type of image editing is called image manipulation. Using image manipulation, an image is made more efficiently and is fully formatted. This is important for commercially used images. You can create an ordinary photo develops to a extra ordinary photo to apply this method. When need two or more images can be joined together for use to online. More >>

Color Correction

Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) are providing world class Color Adjustment services. Color Correction is an important thing for Image Editing Services. For the colors of pictures to be changed we use Color Adjustment method. Some of time need Color Correction because of various time seen radish in the image or need more lighting for reduce the accesses dark part from Images. Actually Color Adjustment means confirm the truth color or create the different color as per need. Plenty of times seen when taken that time picture seems not attractive, un-colorful but the picture will make much more attractive. More >>

Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector is very easy to way of low resolution image convert to high resolution. Raster Image is created by very small pixel. The Raster Images color value and pixels are fixed. That’s why when you want to be a large size the raster image is explodes. On the other hand the Vector images color value and pixel aren’t fixed that why if you want to be change any size the vector image are not explodes. For the convert of low resolution image to be high resolution is very easy way of Raster to Vector system. When designing logo or trying to image for printing matters, must be need high resolution image and quality of work. More >>



We are Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK).Our main office is based in the Italy, with a production office in Bangladesh. We are expert in verities editing work in the Graphics World. Without hesitation definitely you can trust us for your work as per requirements. We ensure that we will not any compromise regarding the quality. Our employs are highly skilled and well trained up for providing high quality photo editing services of all types last 3 years. Our specialist’s graphic designer always ready for make sure to your entire image editing requirements with professional effort.

We have three years professional experience of image editing sector. We apply best method of quality control process to ensure the client requirement as per their need. So, don’t be hesitated regarding our quality. Our designers are specially trained and skillful for the best quality services. We also maintain a training facility to keep sharp and assist other designers into our team. This helps us in the professional development and plays an important role in providing the highest quality according to customer’s needs.

With professionalism we are providing very fast and quality full Image Editing Services. In effect, your very own photo studio that you can access from anywhere in the world. We are expert in the image editing sector of Clipping Path, Background Remove, Image Masking, Image Manipulation, Image Retouching, Touch-up, Neck Joint, Color Correction, e-Commerce Image Editing, Raster to Vector and Logo Design. We active in 24 hours a day, so no matter what location your business is situated in, we are always available and reachable for your image editing solution.

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Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) promises to deliver excellent quality that you always want. We as a company assure to give away the finest services at the most economical prices. To get the service you need, choose the best opportunity from our price menu according to your requirements. Drop us a line and be our valued customers.

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If you want the right service at the right time with reasonable price according to your requirements, you can trust us without any inconvenience. Clipping Path Kingdom (CPK) gives heavy discounts on the bulk image editing and other services. Also, get a free trial to assess our skills and give us a chance to fulfill your requirements. We are here to assist you!

We are happy to inform you that if you order for bulk image processing, you will get discount. Yes, If you send us minimum 50 image per order, you will get a discount up to 10%. For our discount offer we will request you to send all your pictures. After review pictures to offer you a reasonable price for the project. After your confirmation, we will count discount for.

Our payment system is very smooth for the customer. We are getting weekly payments as well as monthly payments from our regular customers.

Our production Support alive 24/7. For the best support We are working for our client in three shift working module per day. Every shift continues up to 8 hours. So you can reach our team any time in 24 hours. It supports you if you have any queries about your work or image editing. Just type your point and send it so that our experts can assist you.

We believe that 100% satisfaction guarantee and our outstanding work is a pure reflection of our commitment and complete efforts. So, no matter whether the task is simple or intricate, we reassure to work on your project with proper dedication and concentration.


We optimize your product images for e-commerce. save your time, spend less, and sell more. Please contact us right now we are happy to support you.

  • Free trial facility.
  • Expert creative graphic designer professionals experienced in clipping path, Back Ground Remove and others service.
  • Italy based professionals and dedicated customer support.
  • 7/24 hour turnaround time.
  • We use high speed Internet bandwidth services for processing any type of files and sizes (TIFF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, CR2 etc.).
  • We are providing dedicated Secure File Transfer Protocol server for clients files safety and security option.

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